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OneNote is Eating My Computer
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Thread: OneNote is Eating My Computer

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    Default OneNote is Eating My Computer

    Ok, let me try and explain how OneNote is eating my computer and see if anyone has any advice.

    I started using OneNote 2003 last fall when I got a Toshiba M400. In the spring I upgraded to OneNote 2007. I merged everything over and backed everything up, there wear never any glitches. I recorded the Audio from every lecture and never had any problems. So this new school year starts and week one goys by fine. Then all of a sudden OneNote started devouring.

    I went from 26Gbs of disk space free to 52Mbs in 5 days. I searched manually through all of the folders in my computer comparing their size and I charted it (thanks excel), so yea this was overboard but I wanted to know exactly what files/folders contained all the data. So in my long and laborious search, (every one should go through there folder hierarchy at some point, I discovered some organizational ideas thanks to this effort), I found 2 problems. A 13Gbs file called "OneNoteOfflineCache.onecache" and a folder "C:\Users\~~~~\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote\12. 0\OneNoteOfflineCache_Files" That was 13Gbs also.

    The folder contains audio from one week ok lecture, no other files, and there indicated sizes do not sum to 13Gbs. There wear no hidden files, or hidden folders.
    I moved this folder onto an external hard drive to see how it would affect OneNote. OneNote ran just fine, but all of my fresh audio recordings wear missing.

    I had to leave my computer alone at this point for about a day (things to do). I came back and I was going to return the folder and remove the file, to see how it would affect OneNote. Well without OneNote on, and without anything running other than windows, this file grew to 14.5Gbs in one day. OneNote was off, the SideNote was off, WTF. So now I don't have the room to put the audio back in, and I don#8217;t have the room on the external drive to hold the 14Gbs, and the 13Gbs at the same time.

    Why is OneNote eating my memory?

    What can I do about it?

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    Hi, I realize this is an old post. However I wondered if you could ever solve this problem

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    Yes it was solved...

    The file and folder that were causing the trouble can be deleted without fear of affecting your notes. With onenote closed you simply delete the file and folder, when you open onenote back up it creates new ones unaffected by whatever caused the bloating.

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