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  1. Sorry for the typo. Should be 160.gig

    Sorry for the typo. Should be 160.gig
  2. WTS: TC1100 and TC1000 package,WIN 7, 4 batteries.

    I have two tablets, an 1100 and 1000. Both have Windows 7 enterprise edition. the 1100 has 1.5 G of RAM and the 1000 has 2 Gig. Comes with four batteries, two ac chargers, factory car charger,...
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    Any larger HDs for HP2710p?

    Any sources for a drive larger than 150 GB?
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    TC1100 Power switch broken

    I took it apart to install wore Memory & the mechanism that under the switch fell at or broke off. Is this part of the button assembly? I've seen those for are online.
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    Igig stick won't work in TC1100

    I have two models, a 1.2 Ghz & a 1.0 and the 1 gig sticks I have work fine in the 1.2 but not in the 1.0. It hangs on the Windows 7 logo & won't boot.

    Any thoughts.?
  6. Differences between 1Ghz & 1.1 Ghz performance

    I bought both but the I Ghz is in much better shape than the 1.1 Ghz.

    If they both have 1.5 gig of ram will there be much of a difference in performance? Both are running Windows Seven.
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