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    It looks like HP is staying in the PC business after all. They've just quietly announced an updated to the Slate 500 called the Slate 2. Physically, the Slate remains much the same at 1.5lbs with an 8.9" 1024x600 screen with an n-trig dual pen and touch digitizer. The processor has been upgraded to an Atom Oaktrail Z670 at 1.5 GHz, with the same 2GB of RAM. The updated processor promises some gains in battery life - up to 6 hours now they say. You'll also get a front-facing VGA camera and a 3MP camera on the back.

    Business security features include an embedded TPM chip, HP ProtectTools to managed the chip and secure user authentication, the hard drive, email, and digital certificates, and BIOS support for Computrace Pro. HP will also offer a retail Point of Sale case with an integrated magnetic strip reader and a barcode scanner. Another nice business accessory is the Bluetooth Keyboard Case. Like the Slate 500 before it, the digital pen is included.

    You can get a 32GB SSD for $699 or a 64GB SSD for $799. Both can be ordered at HP's online store today. Adding one to the cart is showing an estimated ship date of 11/8. Hopefully, they'll be able to keep up with that.
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    Dell has just announced their Latitude ST tablet. It's a Windows 7 slate running on a 1.5GHz Intel Atom processor with 2GB of RAM. It will also have up to 128GB of SSD storage space, and promises 7 hours of battery life. The 10” screen is 16:10 with a resolution of 1280x800 (some sites report that it's 1366x768 but the chart at Notebook Italia shows 1280x800). You'll also get USB, SD, and HDMI for connecting to printers and projectors and such. It has an active digitizer with what looks to be an n-trig pen. While there is no price mentioned, Dell says you'll be able to “experience” the tablet starting on November 1st. Whatever that means.

    So, how is this any better than the Fujitsu Q550? Two words – Pen Silo:

    Although it looks like you'll give up the removable battery with the Dell. There is a removable cover on the back, but that doesn't really look like a battery behind it.

    There is also an official video from Dell that just went live on YouTube recently:

    Note that I'm making a lot of this up from the pictures and the chart at Notebook Italia, as the official press release is really slim on concrete details:

    DellLaunches Latitude ST Tablet for Business, Healthcare andEducation

    We're living in an exciting time as mobile computing continues to take significant evolutionary strides. Many organizations are embracing the productivity benefits of enabling their workers to be more mobile but with that freedom, they often face hurdles like security, device management and support for critical applications. At Dell, we strive to design products, services and solutions that maximize workforce efficiency without making IT sacrifices.

    That's why I'm pleased to announce the availability of the Dell Latitude ST, a tablet PC built for both mobile professionals and the IT professionals supporting them. The Latitude ST provides Windows 7 Professional productivity in a convenient, lightweight tablet along with all the great attributes IT departments have come to know and trust with our Latitude brand, including security, manageability, service and support. (TBR just ranked Dell notebooks #1 in customer satisfaction.)

    LatitudeST can be tailored to specific business or end user needs with certified applications and professional services. It is ideal for any organization where employees need to run a core set of applications in safe computing environments. For healthcare, the Latitude ST easily integrates into Dell's Electronic Medical Records and Mobile Clinical Computing solutions. And for education, the device is certified for use in our Connected Classroom solution. Speaking of healthcare markets, Dell is recognized as the leading provider of healthcare IT services worldwide.

    LatitudeST delivers go-anywhere productivity, with anytime, anywhere data access via Wi-Fi and mobile broadband options and a 10-inch multi-touch display with a stylus for intuitive ease-of-use. Mobile professionals can experience the following features and benefits:

    Work confidently with Intel Atom processors and the familiarity of Windows7-based applications.

    Collaborateon-the-go with front and rear web cams, embedded microphone, and Skype video conferencing.

    Connect to projectors, printers, or other devices using built-in ports.

    Feel protected with durability features such as a rubberized bumper,anti-glare Corning Gorilla Glass screen and TPU overmold.

    And since mobility goes beyond hardware, we're certifying the device with select software partners. Available at launch, we'll offer certification on leading education software, such as Blio, Dyknow, LanSchool and Texas Instruments. For healthcare customers, we're working with organizations like Continua Healthcare Alliance, Athena Health and NextGen Healthcare. And we're working on partnerships with many more to ensure users never skip a beat using their familiar business applications.

    ITadministrators will also appreciate the attributes of the LatitudeST. They can seamlessly manage the tablet like any other PC on their network using existing remote management solutions or Dell KACE appliances and protect critical data with flexible Dell Data Protection | Encryption. The device will also integrate with desktop virtualization solutions for secure access to data virtually anywhere. And of course the Latitude ST is backed by customizable options for Dell global service and support.

    TheLatitude ST is quick and easy to deploy and manage, and perfect formobile business users, enabling:

    Insurance clerks to document accidents, complete forms, obtain signatures and hit submit - right on location.

    Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to view client history, make medical evaluation input, submit prescriptions and research securely on-the-go.

    Teachers to fully interact and collaborate with students by seamlessly moving about the classroom

    Customers can begin experiencing the new Latitude ST next Tuesday, November 1.

    News via PCWorld and Slashgear
    Photos and Spec Chart via Notebook Italia
    Press release via Engadget
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    Motion has announced the SlateMate module, which adds a barcode scanner and magnetic strip reader to the CL900. The SlateMate securely integrates into the frame of the tablet and is compatible with the docking station. It is not available separately, but must be configured in at the time of purchase.

    Check it out in this video:
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    Despite the fact that there is still no sign of the Series 7 Slate on Samsung's website (it is on their Facebook page), it's gone up for pre-order at several sites. Samsung's 11.6" core i5 based slate was handed out at Microsoft's Build conference as the development machine for Windows 8, and is now available for pre-order at several places around the web. According to Engadget, the pre-orders are showing a ship date of November 1st. Have you ordered one?

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    Price is an important factor in the purchasing decision, as evidenced by the quick sell-out of the HP Touchpad when it dropped to firesale pricing. Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire is also putting the pressure on other manufacturers to lower their prices. Several other tablets are dropping dramatically, and it's the HTC Flyer's turn now. It's only $299 at Best Buy (at least at the website, in store was still showing $499 as of yesterday). If you've been wanting to see what the 7" Gingerbread tablet with an active digitizer is all about, now might be the time to check one out. Sadly, the pen is still an $80 extra at Best Buy.
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    Photo credit: Engadget

    When I was looking at Tablet PCs for classroom use, the Intel Classmate PC looked promising. The main drawback was that the resistive screen offered a lesser touch experience compared to a capacitive screen and a lesser writing experience to an active digitizer. Intel has remedied that compromise by upgrading the next genearation of convertible classmate pcs to what looks like an n-trig duo sense screen.

    The next genearation classmate pc will be powered by a 1.6GHz Cedar Trail processor (the Atom-based successor the Oak Trail processor found in the Fujitsu Q550 and Motion CL900), with 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive. The screen is a Windows 8 friendly 1366x768 although the machines will run Window 7 for now. There are plenty of the usual ports, 2 USB, VGA, HDMI, and an SD card slot, in addition to a silo to store the pen. The design is even less little-kid looking.

    Intel's strong classroom software suite combined with n-trig's duo sense pen and touch could make this the perfect solution for the classroom.

    Check out videos of the convertible tablet in action at the two source links below.

    Sources: Engadget, netbooknews
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    On Sunday. AT&T launched the much rumored 10" successor to the HTC Flyer. The HTC Puccini has now hit AT&T as the Jetstream It's a high end Android honeycomb tablet with high end features and a high end price to match. The Jetstream is $699 with a 2 year contract or $849 without.

    The specs read all just above average - a 1.5Ghz Snapdragon CPU with Adreno graphics vs the standard Tegra2. It has 32GB of storage vs the 16GB starting on most tablets. The rear camera is 8 megapixels with dual LED flash and autofocus. It's also one of the first tablets to come with 4G out of the box.

    The rest of the specs, GPS, WiFi, 1GB of RAM, and the 10" 1280x800 screen are all pretty standard for Android Honeycomb tablets.

    But the star of the show is the n-trig active digitizer with Scribe pen included. This is the same set up we've already seen in the HTC Flyer, except Honeycomb adds in even more support for the pen across more apps. The Notes app with its Evernote integration is still there too.

    I like my Flyer and can see how the extra screen space and always on 4G connectivity can be useful, but really, $850? MobileTechReview has a glowing review up along with a 30 minute video if you need some convincing, but with the Samsung series 7 slate just around the corner starting at only $200 more with a full blown Windows install, Wacom, and a core i5 processor, I would recommend holding onto your wallet for now.
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