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TabletPCBuzz Site Guidelines

TabletPCBuzz Site Guidelines

It is important that we have just a few basic guidelines so that forum discussion does not stray down the wrong path and fall prey to misuse and abuse.

1. What is the purpose of the TabletPCBuzz forums?

The TabletPCBuzz forums provide a meeting place for Tablet PC enthusiasts and owners, vendors, and admirers of all brands and models of Tablet PCs and related technology. This is a place to ask questions and share ideas and information in an atmosphere of mutual respect and civility. While TabletPCBuzz is primarily dedicated to Tablet PC technology enthusiasts, anyone is welcome.

2. Is there any cost to join the forum?

TabletPCBuzz is a non-commercial service that is free for anybody to read and to post messages. We do have advertising banners from paying sponsors to offset the costs of running the site.

3. Is the forum moderated?

Yes. The moderating group is made up of some of the most active forum members, as well as the site owner. We work together as a team to try and make TabletPCBuzz the highest quality forum possible.

4. Can I post any kind of message I want?

Yes and no. There are strict restrictions on the content of messages posted in the Forums. While free expression of ideas is the basic foundation of these forums, abusive and profanity-laced posts are not acceptable, and final judgment of these issues lies with the moderators. Please keep in mind these four main things that are sure to get you into trouble on the TabletPCBuzz forums:

1) Brand Bashing. TabletPCBuzz is a non-vendor specific forum and brand bashing will not be tolerated. Feel free to brag about your Tablet PC or to express negative experiences. However, stereotypical comments are not acceptable.

2) Personal attacks. Your opinions may differ from other users and serious debate is not a problem. However, name calling, emotional, and personal attacks are not acceptable.

3) Profanity/Swearing. TabletPCBuzz is a family friendly site, and because of this we ask that you please keep all your posts free of any type of profanity or swearing that could be offensive to any of our readers. This includes substituting characters to mask conventional spelling.

4) Intellectual Property. TabletPCBuzz respects Intellectual Property and we ask that you do not use this site to disseminate information that facilitates the circumvention of passwords, license mechanisms, activation systems or distribution of unlicensed copies of any property.

5. How about posting messages that are not related to Tablet PCs?

There is a topic heading titled "Off-Topic Discussion". This section is there for posting of messages not specifically related to tablets or technology. Please recognize that discussions regarding politics, abortion, religion, sexual bias or other hot topics are very controversial, personal, and un-winnable. These discussions will often result in a flame war, so threads involving these will be locked or deleted by the moderators in order to maintain the friendly, respectable environment that members enjoy here. Where do we draw the line? Our moderating team will look at each thread on a case by case basis, and if the topic inovolves one of these topics we will be forced to lock or delete it.

6. I see that some of the forum members have fancy "signatures" at the bottom of their messages that include their ink signature or other cool stuff. Can I do that too?

Yes. There are instructions for this process on your member profile page next to the signature section. We do ask that you limit this to your ink signature, credentials and related info - no blatant advertising please. Your signature should be tasteful. It is not to contain information that is intended to inflame or advertise products or services. If you post information in your signature outside these guidelines, the moderators reserve the right to ask you to remove it when posting to TabletPCBuzz. This type of information will simply create controversy and distract from our discussions.

7. You said the forum is non-commercial service. What if I have something to sell?

If you, as an individual, want to sell a Tablet PC or accessories (or other technology related item), that is allowable when posted in the "For Sale" forum. You are encouraged to use this facility as often as you like. No vendors please.

8. I'm a dealer (vendor/importer/manufacturer/whatever) in computers or accessories and I would like to post messages about the products we offer. Do you have a policy on that?

TabletPCBuzz is non-commercial. We do not accept advertising forum posts, or other messages of a commercial nature in most of the forums. There is a forum titled 'Tablet PC Announcements' that is available if you wish to let the community know about something you are offering. You may also submit the news to our team for possible posting on the front page (Note: Not all submissions will be posted, only true news worthy items.) Also, we do offer you the opportunity to have a paid banner on the site as a sponsor. If you are interested in this or wish to offer "specials" to the Forum members, please communicate directly with John Hill by email. If you post messages claiming to be a "satisfied customer" when you are actually a vendor or dealer, you will be found out and your posts will be edited or deleted.

Final Note: Final judgment of all forum issues lies with the moderators, and all forum participants are required to abide by the moderators' decisions. If you have an issue with a judgment we have made, please bring it up in e-mail (, not in the forums. Thanks!

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