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John Hill

Apple Tablet - Who Cares?

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That was the title of an article in my Allegiance Technology newsletter from August 2009. Thanks to reader Ken Woods who sent me an email this morning reminding me of this article and why pundits and wags are idiots.

Here is the article:

Apple tablet coming soon? Will anyone care?


One of the most ubiquitous rumors on the internet is the alleged Apple
Tablet PC. Bloggers and pundits are imagining everything from an
iPhone with a large (7-10") display to an internet and multimedia device that
will do everything including walk the dog and watch your kids.

My question: Who cares?

I own an iPhone, so I'm not an Apple-hater. I think their technology
is very intuitive and with the software applications available, the
iPhone is my favorite technology device (AFTER my tablet PC, of course!).

The mobile computing market is a good sized one but tablet PCs are a
small part of that. For Apple, who already has only a small piece of the
overall PC market, a tablet PC would likely be too small to be profitable.
That's why I think an Apple Tablet is vaporware. Time will tell if I am


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  1. Gideon007's Avatar
    he he
    I can't say much about the other forums but the HP tablet forum has gone very very quiet. I wonder whether the iPad is partly responsible for this :)
    I *know* it is responsible for me ditching the TC.
  2. digitaldoc's Avatar
    Using Windows software on Ipad

    This makes the iPad more viable as a business Tablet.
    Updated 08-21-2011 at 12:08 PM by digitaldoc