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  • MobileNoter News: New Editor for iOS released

    New Editor for iOS is released
    June 14, 2012

    Hi everyone! We are happy to inform you that a new editor for iPhone/iPad is already available in AppStore. Just install MobileNoter 3.0 and you're done!
    It has passed a really long beta-testing phase and as a result we are sure that all new features work perfectly in the published version. Here is the new editing kit:
    • Better cursor positioning. A cursor appears exactly where you touch the screen, you will probably no longer even need to use the arrow buttons for cursor position correcting.
    • Edit your notes with a magnifying glass. This might be very convenient, especially on a small iPhone screen.
    • Now it is possible to resize the outlines and pictures just like in OneNote on a PC.
    • Text select/copy/paste feature has finally been added. Enjoy the easy way to change font color and style, and to replace text.
    • Undo or redo your last actions. You can undo all your last actions since the last page saving.
    Now the MobileNoter's editor can do everything you can possibly imagine! Manage your notes the same way you used to do it on your PC. Give it a try and you won't regret it.

    Visit for more details.
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