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Michelle Mastin

  1. Evolve Three's Maestro and Oaktrail triple booter

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    Evolve Three is an Australian based company with some very interesting entries into the crowded Windows slate market. There are two main things that set their tablet apart from the others though:
    1. They put an Atom N475 in their tablet, kicking it up a notch from all the N450 based slates.
    2. They dual boot Android.

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    Other specs are the more standard 10.1" capacitive touch screen running at 1024x600, a 32GB or 64GB SSD, 2GB of RAM standard. The weight was impressively kept under 2lbs. A lot of the current Atom based windows slates are just over 2lbs, but that little bit makes a difference. After 3 days of picking up and playing with a zillion tablets, this one felt thin and light. I had no problem holding it in one hand while navigating or writing with the other.

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    Speaking of writing, the screen responded well to the Targus stylus. It took a little more pressure than the iTablet (the best pen response I've seen in a capacitive screen), but was still quite workable. And they said this is available now, and can be shipped to the US for under $550, but I can't quite seem to find how to go about getting one.

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    Now, take all that and make it better and you get their upcoming Oaktrail based tablet. They just got a model finished in time to bring it to the show, and it gets even thinner, lighter, and more responsive. This one will have both and Android and Meego option in addition to Windows 7. They say they've been getting 16-20 hours in Android, and about 8 running Windows. This one will be coming in April with the release of Oaktrail and will go for about $100 more.

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    Accessories options will include a clamshell style keyboard dock(!), and a desktop dock with HDMI, USB, and ethernet. They are also including some heftier security options including facial recognition login, an optional fingerprint reader, and TPM. This one just made the top of my 10" capacitive list.
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