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  1. Apple Tablet - Who Cares?

    That was the title of an article in my Allegiance Technology newsletter from August 2009. Thanks to reader Ken Woods who sent me an email this morning reminding me of this article and why pundits and wags are idiots.

    Here is the article:

    Apple tablet coming soon? Will anyone care?


    One of the most ubiquitous rumors on the internet is the alleged Apple
    Tablet PC. Bloggers and pundits are imagining everything from an
    iPhone with a large (7-10") display to an internet and multimedia device that
    will do everything including walk the dog and watch your kids.

    My question: Who cares?

    I own an iPhone, so I'm not an Apple-hater. I think their technology
    is very intuitive and with the software applications available, the
    iPhone is my favorite technology device (AFTER my tablet PC, of course!).

    The mobile computing market is a good sized one but tablet PCs are a
    small part of that. For Apple, who already has only a small piece of the
    overall PC market, a tablet PC would likely be too small to be profitable.
    That's why I think an Apple Tablet is vaporware. Time will tell if I am

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  2. Enspert Identity Tab E201 comes to the US via Dynamism

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    One of my favorite 7" Android tablets, from a company you've probably never heard of will indeed make it to the US. Enspert was hoping to partner with Best Buy to come to the US, but it looks like Dynamism picked them already. They will begin pre-sales on February 1st for just $349. That's a pretty good deal for a device with internals similar to the much pricier Galaxy Tab (android froyo 2.2 on a Samsung Cortex A8 1GHz CPU) . The only real drawback is the lower res screen at just 800x480. On the other hand, that means that most Android apps should run fine natively, without the scaling issues the Tab can have.

    The tablet has great design and felt good in the hands. It won't be coming with 3G, but it will have full google certification, which means market access. I still hope they make it to Best Buy, as this is a good compromise between the cheaper, junky android tablets, and the pricier Samsung Galaxy Tab. You still get good performance in a solid, well designed shell. The only things you have to give up are 3G and the higher res screen.

    Source: jkkmobile
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  3. Viewsonic ViewPad 7

    Viewsonic is covering all the popular form factors with their new tablet line-up and this is the 7" version.

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    While it has some bells a whistles like GPS, 3G, a gazillion sensors, two cameras, and full Google access, it's still stuck with a low res screen (800x480) driven by a slower (only 600 MHz) processor.

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    With an ESP of $459, even with retailers trying to come in lower, I don't find this tablet to be a particularly good value. Unless you need the GPS and 3G, the Archos 70 provides a 1GHz processor in a similar package for only $275 direct (when they have them in stock again). If you do need the GPS and 3G, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is coming down in price.
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  4. Viewsonic's history of tablets

    Viewsonic brought a lot of new tablets to show off at CES this year, but they also brought some old ones.

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    They had a neat lineup of their tablets from the past. It was a nice collection of slates, convertibles, and PDAs. Viewsonic's been in this game for a while.
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  5. Viewsonic ViewPad 4

    It's pushing things to be calling a 4" device a "tablet," but there was a crowd around the bigger tablets, and this thing was free, so I played with it and I like what I saw.

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    The ViewPad 4 is a PDA sized Android tablet running 2.2 on a 4.1" (800x480) capacitive multitouch screen. The "tablet" will be driven by a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, making it more of a mid-range performer against all the Tegra 2 phones coming out. And yes, as it turns out, it will have the capability to make voice calls when it comes out in mid 2011. Pricing will be up to the carriers according to ViewSonic.

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    It's a solidly built device that felt really sturdy, although a little heavy. It will come with both a front facing camera for video chatting and a rear facing 5MP camera for photos/video. A nice bonus that comes with full phone functionality is full access to the Google experience, which includes the app store.

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    On it's own this is a neat little device. As an android based iPod touch competitor, it's a neat device as it would only be competing against the Archos 43. But as an Android based smartphone, it would have to be very well priced to have a chance.
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