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This is a first post to create a standardized template for Wiki articles on tablet PC hardware. I am just throwing this out there to start the discussion on how best to standardize these hardware specific articles. I envision (IMO) a single article per machine. The headers can be as follows:

Device Name: LE 1700
OEM Part number: T006
Model Year (s): 2007 - 2009 (?)
Base Model Technical Specs: Great Specs
Variations if not obvious from technical specs (XGA or SXGA+ screen, various HD sizes, may have a CDMA card)
Review: Best slate tablet ever...
Compatible Upgrades: RAM, HD, SSD, etc
Confirmed Technical Issues (Posted after details worked out in the forums sections), workarounds included: Limited BIOS, No N support without BIOS hack, no AData 32 GB SDHC support, will support Patriot Brand 32 GB SDHC cards
References Sections: Just notes from an LE1700 Owner

Accessories (OEM and Aftermarket): DVD Writer, Keyboard, Carrying Case, Otter Box, Field Case, USB Magnet card reader, Clip Mount (great screen protector), RAM Car Mount


Motion Computing LE1700 User Guide - Vista (PDF, 1.8 MB) (http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com/tabletwiki/pdf/MotionComputing/LE1700/LE1700UserGuide_vista.pdf)
Motion Computing LE1700 Tablet PC User Guide - XP (PDF, 1.9 MB) (http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com/tabletwiki/pdf/MotionComputing/LE1700/LE1700UserGuide_xp.pdf)
Motion Computing LE1700 Tablet PC - Quick Reference Guide - Vista (PDF, 1.2 MB) (http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com/tabletwiki/pdf/MotionComputing/LE1700/QuickRefGd_WT_Vista_A00.pdf)
Motion Computing LE1700 Tablet PC - Quick Reference Guide - XP (PDF, 1.4 MB) (http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com/tabletwiki/pdf/MotionComputing/LE1700/LE1700WTQuickRefGd_XP_A01.pdf)
Motion Computing LE1700 Tablet PC - Quick Setup (PDF, 2.1 MB) (http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com/tabletwiki/pdf/MotionComputing/LE1700/Pecos2-0_QuickSetup_Placemat.pdf)
Getting Started with Wireless Broadband (PDF, 123 Kb) (http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com/tabletwiki/pdf/MotionComputing/LE1700/WirelessBroadband_QuickRefGuide.pdf)
Motion Limited Warranty (PDF, 121 Kb) (http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com/tabletwiki/pdf/MotionComputing/LE1700/Pecos2-0LimitedWarranty.pdf)
Motion Safety and Regulatory Guide (PDF, 429 Kb) (http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com/tabletwiki/pdf/MotionComputing/LE1700/SAR_EN_FR_DE_A10_022607.pdf)

Motion LE1700 Tip, Tricks and FAQ: (under construction)

Hardware & Configuration:


Faster memory vs. more memory:

Buying used batteries:

Inquire or otherwise determine whether Rev. 00 or Rev. 02 is being offered. Rev02 has built in conditioning and is of newer manufacture.
A picture of the reverse side (side that faces the tablet) can provide the answer:

Picture of Rev. 00
Picture of Rev. 02

To enable full 360deg screen rotation:
To enable additional orientations, you have to add the orientations to the Registry. To do this, you will want to open your registry using regedit as Administrator and go to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> TabletPC -> DisplayOrientations

In the DisplayOrientations registry folder, you will see PrimaryLandscape and PrimaryPortrait. For additional orientations, you will want to right-click on the DisplayOrientations folder and select New -> Key. Name this key SecondaryLandscape or SecondaryPortrait. Now look in either the PrimaryPortrait or PrimaryLandscape keys. You will see two 32-bid DWORS listed. One is the DefaultOrientationSeq and the other is the OrientationMode DWORD. You will want to create similary DWORDs in your new SecondaryLandscape or SecondaryPortrait key folders. To do this, open the SecondaryLandscape or SecondaryPortrait key folders and right-click in the right hand payne where the DWORDS are listed and select New -> 32-Bit DWORD. Name the DWORD either DefaultOrientationSeq or OrientationMode. You will need both in the folder. Then asign each of them a number. In order to asign the numbers, you will need to look at the PrimaryPortrate and the PrimaryLandscape keys. The DefaultOrientationSeq DWORDs will be assigned a decimal number 1 - 4 (for the order sequence) and the OrientationMode DWORDs will be assigned a decimal number 0 - 3. Make you don't have duplicate numbers for either of the DWORDS among the primary and secondary folders. Now you are off to the races to have full 360 degree (or 270 degree if you leave one of the secondary keys out) rotation.

Can the supplied Hard Drive be replaced or upgraded?

Yes the hard drive can be replaced and/or upgraded. The Motion LE1700 supplied as stock used two different drive manufacturers Toshiba and Hitachi. Both use a ZIF connector, however the connectors are not quite the same. The Hitachi ribbon cable is thicker and does not fit the Toshiba, the Toshiba cable is too thin and does not fit the stock Hitachi. It has been reported that the Hitachi ZIF cable can be carefully sanded to the Toshiba thinness.

Here is a list (partial at least) of Hard Drives that will work with the LE1700:

Toshiba:model size connect height cache rpm

MK1214GAH 120 ZIF 40 8mm
MK1011GAH 100 ZIF 40 8mm
MK8009GAH 80 ZIF 40 8mm
MK6008GAH 60 ZIF 40 8mm
MK4008GAH 40 ZIF 40 8mm
Samsung: model size connect height cache rpm
HS160JB 160 ZIF 40 8mm 2MB 3600
HS120JB 120 ZIF 40 8mm 2MB 4200
HS122JC 120 ZIF 40 8mm 8MB 5400
HS10TJB 100 ZIF 40 8mm 8MB 4200
HS10XJC/M 100 ZIF 40 8mm 8MB 5400
HS08#JC 80 ZIF 40 8mm 8MB 5400

There are plenty of Toshiba & Samsung HDD (commonly available up to 120GB) that use the Toshiba-style ZIF interface and present and forthcoming SSD drives use the Toshiba cable as well.

The HS160JB is rare, usually expensive and out of production.

In searching the Toshiba MK2431GAH 240GB may be encountered (the seller may say it might work) -- do not buy it for a computer -- it will *not* work (iPod Video and certain COWON X5 players only) ATA version incompatibility.

I have used the Toshiba MK1214GAH, MK8009GAH, MK4008GAH and the Samsung HS160JB successfully.Instructions to replace the Hard Drive: xxx

Solid State drives known to work:

Renice K3VLAR 64GB (P/N RN-K3E-Z1864)
Super Talent FZM64GF18H
KingSpec (P/N ZF18.1-064MJ) Not a recommended drive but does work.

Can the WiFi card be replaced or upgraded?

Yes. However, Motion Computing uses what is called a "whitelist" for LAN cards, meaning, as supplied, the LE1700 can accept only those cards Motion Computing has specified. These cards are the Intel (model) and the Atheros (model), neither utilize 802.11n. If 802.11n is desired there are a couple of choices:

1) A short USB stick. (example)
2) The BIOS can be altered to specify another WiFi card for the mini-PCIe slot. This alteration has been performed successfully.

Can the LCD display be replaced or upgraded?

Yes. The LE1700 was supplied with several screen types: TN, IPS, View Anywhere, 1024x768 XGA, 1400x1050 SVGA+, even a touchscreen.
Model numbers for LCD screens: xxx

Can the CPU be replaced or upgraded?

No. Not realistically. The CPU is soldered to the circuit board. Removal and replacement would be difficult and expensive.

Can the memory be replaced or upgraded?

Yes. See here: Motion LE 1700 LCD screen replacement options

How long does the standard battery last?

A recently manufactured fresh battery should last about 3 hours. The time varies with settings, usage, usage patterns, and peripherals utilized.

How long does the extended battery last?

A recently manufactured, fresh extended battery should last about 3 hours. The time varies with settings, usage, usage patterns, and peripherals utilized. There are versions of this battery: original with no forced conditioning (Rev. 00) and a later version with a forced conditioning every 30 days (Rev. 02)

What pens will work with the LE1700?

Wacom digitizer pens.

Does Windows 7 install and run on the LE1700?

What functionality is lost using Windows 7?

None if you use 32-bit Windows 7
If you install 64-Bit Windows 7, the DataGuard will not work. It is only designed to work with the 32-Bit version OS.

Software: xx
Tips: xx
Tricks: xx
Program suggestions? xx

What about browsers?

Firefox seems to work well, quickly and has the nice Add-On of Adblock Plus. The TIP is enabled.

Motion Computing LE1700 Documentation:


Motion Computing LE1700 Drivers:


How To Take LE1700 Apart to Replace Screen
Ok, it is rather easy, just take it slow. First remove batter and all power sources. Also work in a low static environment like at the kitchen table so you don't shock the mother board. Next, turn the machine over face down (protecting the screens of course) and remove the covers to the hard drive and the wireless cards. The covers will be toward your right hand side if the battery slot is pointing away from you. You can also remove the memory cover, but it is not necessary. With the covers removed, take out the hard drive. Next disconnect all the ribbon cables that are connected in the hard drive area. This is the only place where cables from the front bezel connect to the rear. Also, disconnect all the wireless antenna cables that are found in the wireless area. The two cable that connect to the WWAN card (Sprint) will need to be pulled into the hard drive area. I found it is a good idea to take a picture so you can remember where all the cables go back to during reassembly. The cables that go to the WI-FI card will fish out a different path as you detach the front from the back.

Now you want to remove all the screws around the back of the tablet. There are 9 of them to remove and they are all the ame length. Once all those screws are removed and ribbon cables separated the you can start to separate the two halves. Be sure you have all the cables detached though as the display cable is tucked just left of the hard drive socket and easily overlooked, thoughit is a broad press fit connector. The other connectors are all ZIF so you have to undo the catches that hold themm in place.

Now for separating the clam shells. I start from the battery area. You will see the tabs that hold the two halfs together. Starting at one end and using a small flat screw driver, gently press down on a tab through the hole while putting pressure on the two halts such that they slowly separate. Work slow and just press each tab down one at a time from one end to the other. Just be careful not to force anything this point since you don't want to break a tab or the case. Once all the tabs are separated gently pull the two halves apart while also shearing them slightly. There are two or three tabs near the speakers that don't separate using the screw driver but can crack the case if you aren't careful. It comes apart easily, but is like a Chinese puzzle so you have to get the motion just right (no pun intended).

Once the cases are apart there are several screws that will need to be dealt with and smaller components like the microphones that need to be removed to get the screen out. The screen has two plugs as well. There is the plug for the light bar which will be on the left hand side of the screen. The controller for the screen lights is attached to the digitizer so be sure not to remove that, just the plug closet to the edge. Also, the main plug for the screen is attached to the LCD controller board. It also sits onto of the digitizer, but only is held in place by tape, so it is easier to manage.

Thank you to John Hill, Henk Poley, Maiklas3000,and everyone who uses a LE1700.