View Full Version : ACER C100 Repairs?

10-04-2009, 07:16 PM

The C100 I had so much trouble finding restore discs for is working just fine, with some minor issues. Has anyone any information or suggestions for dealing with a dying backlight? (Am I correct this uses a fluorescent tube for its backlight?) Any sources for reasonably-priced replacement batteries (saw one for $110, and that ain't gonna happen...)? I don't suppose it's possible to increase the memory at all? Is there another stylus that will work for this machine? (Not looking for a direct replacement, just something that will work in the event I lose/damage the existing stylus.)

Even with the issues, a cute little toy for those of us used to "normal" laptops. And this one saved my bacon while I as waiting for a replacement power jack, it took over while the "real" laptop was disassembled in a box. ;)