View Full Version : Which? Needs WiFi, solid state drive, long battery life

09-22-2009, 02:03 AM
Can anyone recommend a tablet PC which has WiFi (at least 802.11g) and a solid state drive, rather than a hardrive?

A longer battery life is good, preferably enough to get through "a full working day" (whatever that is - let's say 9 hours, if possible). Minimum 2gB RAM, preferably 4gB.

I'd prefer it if someone has already ported Linux to it, but can accept so long as it is theoretically possible (e.g, BIOS permits to boot from external CD or USB drive).

And I have just realized that I do not want a keyboard.

And, of course, as cheap as possible ;-)

Note: I don't actually know much about tablet PCs. I'm just looking for "a bigger PDA" (bigger screen, more memory) whcih can interface with a LAN over WiFi and where I can develop lots of customized application software.

Thanks in advance for any help.

09-22-2009, 07:19 AM
After much research myself last year, i finally decided on my dream tablet - a Lenovo X61T with the touch screen in addition to the wacom stylus.

My vote goes for a Leneov X200 tablet, but i'd say consider the options available for it. You can custom build one on their site with a ssd (though it will cost you, i personally am waiting for them to develop further and come down in price).

Lenovo recently announced that the X200 will come with an option for a multitouch capacitive resistance screen soon which would be amazing with windows 7.

The LED display with an 8 cell batter will give you a solid 4+ hours of life depending on how you use it. Since i put mine to sleep when i close the lid or press the power button I get a full day's life out of one charge.

If you want something a bit more affordable you can go for Asus's first generation netbook tablet which is selling for around $500 and comes with a small screen that could make for a good pda replacement.

As for my X61T, it works flawlessly with Jaunty Jackalope. When I installed Intrepid Ibex i was dissapointed that my stylus and touch screen were not recognized (nobody had any information on support for the touch driver). Then upgraded ditro to 9.04 and both the stylus and touch screen were automagically detected without any configuration by me.

The biggest problem you will have with tablets and linux is the software available. After running vista business on my lenovo, I am not impressed with what linux can offer for tablets (still looking for the perfect distro for tablets)

If you want something a bit older, consider the HP TC1000 or TC1100, they are slates with an optional keyboard that have held their value quite nicely over the years (i was amazed to find them selling for around $500 only 3 years ago!) They STILL have not dropped in price more than maybe $100!

09-23-2009, 09:26 PM
Thanks for the very informative reply. i have been checking them out (and, ouch, they seem a little pricey). You have made me think more, and I no realize that I do not want a keyboard ("slate" is the word?).

Thanks for your help.

10-04-2009, 08:05 PM
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