View Full Version : ST5020 - WLAN and sound now working!

07-31-2009, 03:32 AM
This is not a technical post. Its just what I did, maybe it will help resolve these common problems for others.

Having just bought a ST5020 with a slightly dodgy XP Tablet SP2 install I decided to dual boot with Windows 7.

Backed up with Macrium Reflect Free
Resized and created partitions with EASEUS
Burned W7 iso with Active ISO (freeware)

Installation went smoothly.

Initial obvious problems:

No network connections i.e. no internet (I have wireless 2Wire router)
No audio device installed

Hours spent researching problems with nothing helping.

Hardwired the 2Wire to the pc, internet instantly available.

Then was able to try to update drivers automatically.

Start - Control Panel - Devices and Printers
The icon for ST5020 (the name of my computer) had, of course, the yellow exclamation triangle. Went to Troubleshoot and let W7 detect the problems. It gave me a list of missing drivers. I let W7 go off and try to find them (sorry, I wasn't making notes and don't remember the exact steps). When presented with the Apply Fix/Skip Fix screen for each device driver I opted for Apply Fix. Driver not automatically updated but offered Solutions. Viewed the solutions and followed instructions where applicable.

Suffice to say, the solutions for WLAN and audio worked, others did not but, so far, I haven't found what is affected.

Now its time to explore more!