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10-08-2007, 06:04 AM
Hi, everyone! I'm new here, so be gentle.

I'm looking for some solutions to a few problems. I just purchased an LE1600 to use for freelance work and drawing. I'm new to using a tablet PC, but have been using a Wacomb tablet for years. I'm using most of the Adobe products as well as Painter and Alias Sketch. I need some help in finding answers to a few questions.

Is there any software available that can allow me to create shortcut buttons that I can use, say in Photoshop, so I don't have to keep going through the menus? Mostly just for frequently used commands. It really slows me down not having a keyboard, but I don't want to carry one around with me, and the on screen keyboard takes up too much real estate that I need for drawing. I know I can reprogram the buttons on the side, but I don't think there are near enough for what I want.

Is there any way that the eraser function on the pen can be turned on in Photoshop and Painter? It works for Alias Sketchbook Pro, but in other programs it just works like the writing side of the pen.

Is there anything that can allow the battery power to show on screen all of the time? It's a pain to have to keep hitting the little icon to find what % of power I have left.

Since I'm new to using a tablet PC for artwork, I have no idea what other problems will pop up. If any other artists have some suggestions for what works for them, I'd be grateful!

t lewis
10-08-2007, 08:23 PM
As a professional artist now on my 3rd tablet...I couldn't survive without two little essential on-screen apps:

Miniscroller - a small floating transparent blue square that gives you keyboard-free scrolling options (down, up, right, left, pg up, pg dwn, home, end, tab, tab-back...and a kind of grab-n-scroll joy-button) and modifier keys (shft, ctrl, alt). Do a search on this site and at GottaBeMobile. GBM did a vidcast on it awhile back. And....it's free.

QuickButtons - An elegant, simple app that creates a narrow, customizable toolbar at screen-top or bottom. You can assign to it most any key or key combo you need...as well as have multiple bars available. Basic version is free and quite powerful, paid version is a great buy.

10-09-2007, 02:43 AM
Yay! Thanks! I knew about Miniscroller (though I haven't loaded it yet), but Quickbuttons is EXACTLY what I was looking for!