View Full Version : problem with WiFi and BSOD

07-20-2007, 04:26 AM
My wifi drivers when started, are now causing a BSOD!

This all started when I was attempting to link to a Belkin N Router with my Acer C110. I installed no software or hardware on my Acer, just connecting to the router.

Safe Mode works because the drivers are disabled in safe mode and I can't go online. If I disable the drivers in safe mode, then reboot works too but of course I have no wifi. I can't reinstall the drivers in Safe Mode.

I have reinstalled the drivers (from disk D) when they are previously disabled in safe mode, but as soon as the OS finds the new hardware and drivers the red wifi light comes on and it immediately crashes with the BSOD which of course is too fast to read.

I've also tried two restore points and driver roll back to no avail. I guess I can download new drivers from Intel, but the originals have served me so well since 2002 that I did not want to change. Besides, I am guessing they will fail as well, especially if my chip is bad.

Anybody else have this problem? Maybe my internal wifi chip has failed.

07-21-2007, 10:54 AM
Problem solved but not completely understood. My Belkin N Router is conflicting with my Linksys G. When I pull the plug on the Belkin, the Acer works just fine.