View Full Version : i440 demo arrived/typing with a touch screen

Steve S
07-06-2007, 08:03 AM
I've just started a demo of TabletKiosk's new i440D courtesy of John Hill at Allegiance ( www.alltp.com ). I'm typing this post directly on the touch screen using a virtual keyboard recommended by WNewquay. It's a bit tricky, and I'm still getting used to the process; it took me some time to figure out the right size for the keyboard to accommodate my "fat" fingers!

Initially, I had trouble accidently touching the screen with my palms (TK doesn't use palm rejection, as explained in my earlier review), but I've worked through that now.

I'm going to try to make this something of a timed trial, by simply using it until the battery says it's exhausted. However, because it's brand new, the battery may not yet be in its optimal zone; so this should just be regarded as a preliminary test...

So far, I'm very impressed. I loaded OneCare and ran a "tune up." On my TC1100, with about 35.9GB of "stuff," tune-ups take 8-9 hours! The i440D, with 9.6GB of stuff took well under an hour... possibly only about 30 minutes! The trend is clear; score one for Core Duo!

More later as I work with this excellent slate!

PS - As I am working, the back of the slate is only mildly warm; the fan is running, but it is inaudible unless you get your ear right up to the vent...