View Full Version : attempting to reinstall windows & all software for this Travelmate C110

03-06-2007, 10:18 AM
I am attempting to reinstall windows & all software for this Travelmate C110. I have the discs and a USB CD-ROM that seems to be working in Windows and Dos (It's an IOMEGA ZipCD).

When I boot to the CD, asks me to choose one of these:

1. Only for USB CDROM Boot Up
2. Only For 1394 CDROM Boot Up

If I choose 1, it attempts to initialize the drive. Then it says checking status of hard disc and hangs.

If I choose 2, it attempts to initialize the drive. It checks the status of the hard (CD ROM is blinking) then it says device driver not found 'CDROM1' no valid CDROM device drivers selected. Invalid drive specification. However, I am then left at a prompt E:/ which is the CDrom and I can load whatever I want from system disc. The only thing that seems to work is fdisk. Fdisk asks if I want to enable support for large discs. I'm assuming I do.

The Fdisk options are confusing. Create dos partition or logical dos drive, set active partition, delete partition, display partition information...

I just want to reinstall windows. This is not like the recovery discs I have used for other computers, and it seems much more complicated than when I have reinstalled windows from a standard XP disc in the past. Can anyone help?

03-22-2007, 07:58 AM
I think I saw something somewhere else that you can only reinstall from the firewire / oem dvd/cdrw drive. I think Acer built something in where it will only work with the factory drive. I think you could find one around.